President’s Message

It is hard to believe, but we are bidding a farewell to year 5776.  In many ways, it doesn’t seem possible that the year has drawn to a close.   Did we really run through the calendar that fast?

As we begin our New Year 5777, we will start off fresh.  Our observance of the beginning of the Jewish calendar year always begins on a high note.  While the New Year is often a time for rejoicing, it is also a time to take a look at our behavior during the past year, seeing where we could have done something different, and promise to do more in the coming year.  It is a time to take stock in ourselves as we pray to be entered into the Book of Life for another year.

We have much to be grateful for.  Congregation Beth Shalom, despite our inability to attract more members, is still here and surviving.  We are grateful for our Rabbi Alan Greenbaum, who leads our services, stimulates us with his sermons, and conducts fulfilling Torah Study each month; we are grateful to those who have joined our family through membership in CBS to provide the financial basis for our continued existence; we are grateful for those congregants who, while not able to contribute financially, give of themselves by attending our services and participating in community events; we are grateful for having a place to call our home.

Although we had to suspend our Pot Luck Dinners last year, we have found a way to reinstitute them through the help of our friends at the Buddhist Church of Marysville.  We had our first such Pot Luck Dinner in September and it was a huge success and we look forward to our next on November 18th.  I encourage all of you to attend – bringing along a hot or cold dish, salad or dessert to share.

Our services for Erev Rosh Hashanah begin on Sunday, October 2nd at 7:30 PM, followed by morning services at 10 AM on Monday, October 3rd.  We will then walk to The Brick for a no-host lunch. Kol Nidre will be observed at 7:30 on Tuesday, October 11th, with Yom Kippur services beginning at 10 AM, afternoon services at 4 PM, immediately followed by the Yizkor service.

Sukkot begins at sundown on Sunday, October 16th, followed by Shimini Atseret and Simhat Torah the following week.  While we will not have services on these dates, there are a number of synagogues in the Sacramento area that will be glad to have you share the holidays with them.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Rosh Hashanah.


Tony Kurlan, President


Dear Members and Friends of Congregation Beth Shalom,
Our new fiscal year begins on July 1st.  Attached is a Cover Letter and Membership Form to mail your payment in addition to the 2016-2017 schedule of services.

10.02.2016 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


10.03.2016 10:00 am - 12:00 pm






11.18.2016 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


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Congregation Beth Shalom is a welcoming, family like Reform Jewish community. We are responsive to the needs of our diverse congregation, as well as to those in the greater community who seek Jewish learning and fellowship. Through lifelong Torah study, communal worship and friendship, we seek to deepen our cultural identity and spiritual connection. As we continuously interpret our lives through our relationship with G-d, Torah and K'lal Yisrael, we strive to meet our sacred responsibilities through tzedaka and acts of loving kindness.