California Fires

Our deepest condolences to the families of those who died in the latest deadly California fires. May their memories be a blessing. We pray for safe return of those who are still missing. Our thoughts and prayers with those who lost so much this holiday season, who lost their loved ones,  became homeless, displaced, lost their jobs, lost their pets.  It is impossible to grasp the whole horror of what happened.

How to Help?

There are evacuation sites, multiple shelters, and tent sites in Chico -Yuba-Marysville area. There are pet shelters for the lost pets. There are lots of wild life that was also hurt in the fire. Everyone can figure out how she or he can help. Everyone can figure out their passion and make a decision where to apply efforts and/or donations.

Staying Safe

Camp Fire disaster affected air quality and posed health risks to many millions of California residents. Monitoring daily status of air quality and take precautions are nessesary steps one can take for oneself and loved ones.

Air Quality:

Respirators N95, ask if available:  

Sutter County (530) 822-7217 or Yuba County (530)749-6366

Sutter County OEM

Sutter County

California Fire.CA.Gov and map:

Our Yuba-Sutter Community Tikkun Olam

Tree of Remebrance at Beale AFB

In 2010, our Congregation Beth Shalom, with the generous support of Beale AFB, dedicated a plaque and a tree of remembrance to those who perished in the Holocaust. 

Our deepest sincere appreciation goes to all who discovered that the plaque had to be moved, to those who made critical decisions and approved the move, and to all those who made it happen during all the steps of the way – from discovery to installation. 

Thank you.  

If you are ever by the Valley Chapel at Beale AFB, please pay your respects to those who perished in the Holocaust. Take a break at a peaceful place (see picture above). 

Thank you Beale AFB for invitation to the re-dedication event.

Marysville Historical Cemetery

Over the years we participated in clean-up and maintenace of the Jewish Portion of this Historic Landmark.

Every May 

we volunteer to clean-up old gravesites and trails. Let us know if you'd like to join us!


To find out more about this landmark - please press the button below.

About Marysville Hebrew Cemetery

Tikkun Olam localy

Congregation Beth Shalom encourages Tikkun Olam beginning with many of the worthy charitable organizations located here in Yuba-Sutter. 

Please consider a donation to one of these non-profit organizations that our congregational members have donated to in the past or feel free to choose an organization of your choice.  

St. Andrew’s Food Closet 

(St. Andrews Presbetryian Church in Yuba City)  

Hands of Hope 

(A temporary housing facility for families located in Yuba City)  

Christmas Stocking 

(Providing meals and gifts for needy families)